Who you reveal is better than who you imitate 

There are a number of people we’ve imitated because their mannerisms are funny. Imitating would need one to be very observant else you’ll lose the plot. When we imitate someone,  we never know why they have such mannerisms but it brings great humour to the audience. Imitating is like copying someone’s math, you never know… Continue reading Who you reveal is better than who you imitate 


Suppression Depression and many other pressions seem to consume much of our time that we’re soaked in lies and the result is ALWAYS negative. Look in the mirror. Every part of you designed uniquely and creatively so you’re just that outstanding human alive. No duplication and even if you were to be duplicated ,  you’ll… Continue reading Reflection


“Lucky them” “wish I was half her beauty at least”……..when you’re envious you’re heading for dissatisfaction. When you’re not content it gets even worse but do we we realise how fearfully and wonderfully we are made. Think about the designs that everyone has on them. Think about even how different twins are, no duplication. That… Continue reading Masterpiece